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When was the last time you had new siding installed on your home? As a siding contractor, we are fully insured and have all of the necessary knowledge to do your siding properly. Not sure what type of siding you want on your home? We can help!

For example: vinyl siding is an affordable option that many people choose to enhance the look and the value of their property. Vinyl is durable and nearly maintenance-free, which is why many families choose vinyl as their siding material of choice. If you want to learn more about vinyl or our other siding options, just ask us. 
Since we opened in 2002, Kidder Construction has been serving customers in the Jamestown, NY area as their premier siding contractor. Using only the highest quality siding and latest installation techniques, we ensure that your project looks just the way you envision it. Not only do we have siding in a variety of types (vinyl being the most popular), but we also have a multitude of colors as well. If you are ready to take the next step with your siding project, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with the details.
Siding Contractor Jamestown, NY

What is the Importance of Siding on Your Home?

Many homeowners believe that siding is simply for aesthetics and does not serve any other purpose. This could not be further from the truth, and while the different types of siding offer different looks, they all serve much more important purposes in the functionality of your home. When siding is properly installed on your home, it insulates it and makes it watertight. This not only prevents water damage and leaks, but also saves you money on your energy bills by keeping cold or hot air contained.

Cosmetics are undoubtedly a big sticking point with most homeowners, and the different types of siding options have their own pros and cons. Wood for example may look great, but requires nearly constant maintenance to keep it looking how you want it to. Vinyl siding is bar far the most functional and economic option when it comes to siding, as it requires very little maintenance, is cheap, and can easily be attached to a home.

No matter what siding option you want to choose, you need to find a quality siding contractor to make sure that everything is installed properly. Incorrectly installed siding can end up costing thousands in repairs and even cause damage to your home. Give the team at Kidder Construction a call, and we will use or years of experience and technical knowledge to make sure the job is done right for you.

We Proudly Serve Jamestown and Surrounding Areas

Kidder Construction has been helping homeowners in Jamestown and surrounding areas with their siding projects since 2002. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver incredibly high quality results to our clients at an affordable price, and work hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction. When you need a WNY siding contractor, contact Kidder Construction! Read more about our services or contact us below to discuss your project.

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Siding is available in a number of colors to give your home the look you want. Besides looking great, getting new siding can help seal in your insulation, helping to control your monthly energy bills. Call us today to get a free estimate from our siding contractor serving the Jamestown, NY area and beyond.
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