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Do your windows often let in a draft? You could be losing money during both the winter and summer months if your windows are not properly insulating your heating and air conditioning. Our window installation team at Kidder Construction can talk with you about which windows are causing issues in your home and come up with a viable solution that also stays within your budget. This way you can save money on your monthly energy bills. 

We can come to your home, inspect your windows, and let you know our professional opinion on what we believe will be the best plan of action. 
Window Installation Jamestown, NY

Benefits of Proper Window Installation

A building’s roof, windows, walls, and other components are all meant to work together to protect homeowners from the outside elements. When one component is not installed correctly, it could undermine the effectiveness of the entire system and end up costing you money each month in increased energy bills or worse, let in elements such as rain or snow. Windows are some of the most important components to install correctly because there are so many of them and they are a direct line into the house. At Kidder Construction, we understand the importance of proper window installation, especially in the Jamestown area where wind, rain and snow are common. When we work on a project, we ensure that each and every window is snuggly placed and properly sealed. A proper seal is crucial because it stops air from leaking in or out, which can have a dramatic effect on energy bills. If you are looking for a window installation company who understands the importance of doing the job right, give us a call!

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Isn’t it time you replaced your old, leaky windows with new, high-quality windows? We perform professional installation services so you know that the windows we install will last you for years to come. You’ll see by your lowered monthly energy bills, so make sure you call us today to get a free estimate on our services.  We serve the areas around Jamestown, NY with quality window installation!
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